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iMprove Precision Maintenance

Essential Craft Skills Assessment

The Essential Craft Skills Assessment process provides valuable insight into the essential craft skill levels needed to perform the precision work necessary to increase asset reliably as well as strategic workforce issues now facing most organizations, and is an accurate indicator of the organization’s ability to effectively achieve reliable manufacturing.

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Implementing Precision Maintenance Workshop

This 2-Day applying the “Essential Craft Skills” with “pre and post class work” session’s time is devoted to a review of responsibilities and accountabilities for everyone involved, how we begin to find the right assets to work on and what is the documentation that has been historically used by the “Best-in-Class” performers of this work.

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Essential Craft Skills Core Proficiencies

This hands-on skills course begins with an understanding for reliability principles, machinery failure patterns and effective communication principles. Participants review how motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, and power transmission products function and fail.

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Assembly and Installation

 This initial module develops techniques and corrections for “common” machinery errors that may constitute as much as 70% of facility failures and covers essential mechanical skills information, correct procedures, and hands-on application with performance measured review and practice.

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Bearings and Lubrications

This seminar focuses on the complete spectrum of reducing component failures that are responsible for limiting operational reliability and profitability in manufacturing. It allows participants to discover failures that may have nothing to do with a precise alignment or balance and provides them the hands-on field techniques to alter and reduce these types of failures.

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Pumps and Pumping Systems

This class uses a dynamic process approach to recognize and significantly reduce common pump and sealing problems/failures. This allows attendees to recognize, explain and describe different pump types with operational differences for correct utilization.

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Instrumentation & Electrical: Core Proficiencies

This session, the first in the series, provides attendees with the foundational elements needed to install and maintain instrumentation and control systems. Attendees will learn fundamental field techniques such as: correct use of measurement tools, correct installation of tubing, fittings, gaskets and seals.

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Instrumentation & Electrical: Installation & Maintenance of Control Systems

This session, building on the previous, provides attendees with the practical knowledge needed to install and maintain instrumentation and control systems. This class provides practical, hands-on activities around installation, calibration, and troubleshooting of these devices using our custom simulators and models.

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Fluid Power Systems

Class participants will have a thorough understanding of practical fluid power operation principles, common failure modes for fluid and pneumatic assets with field tested techniques to prevent failure. Attendees will be ready to apply and demonstrate the identification of problems and provide a report with the use of dynamic measurement tools to extend asset reliability.

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