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Target Participants

All related mechanical craft technicians, first and second line supervision, planners, schedulers, maintenance work teams, operations/management/material coordinators, selected senior operators, and small project and large project managers.


Craft Personnel are expected to have a set of basic skills or ECS Field Prep.


5 days of formal training for 15 participants.  Recommended class make-up is 10 crafts personnel and 5 from the other mentioned roles.


Although all craft technicians have a set of basic skills, all too often we have found that they have forgotten, never used, or were not taught correct “precision” principles and techniques.  Maintenance has typically been viewed from a “remove and replace” or “get it going” perspective and rarely includes; long term, lowest cost, highest manufacturing reliability, profitability perspectives and/or “repair and improve”.


The course covers essential mechanical skills information, correct procedures, hand-on application with performance measured review and practice. Participants will be ready to apply and demonstrate; exact shaft/housing measurements, common assembly error reductions, typical case/pipe strain distortion corrections and precisely perform accurate machinery alignment. Attendees will be prepared to approach and retain improved asset balance quality and provide a “performance” field documentation that states as found as left conditions with the use of static and dynamic measurement tools to extend asset reliability. This initial module develops techniques and corrections for “common” machinery errors that may constitute as much as 70% of facility failures.

Processes Covered

  • Introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®
  • Vibration as a “Precision” Tool
  • Correctly Fitting Housings and Shafts
  • Common Assembly Errors
  • Practical Field Lubrication
  • Precise Belt Alignment
  • Achieving Precision Shaft Alignment
  • Understanding Bearing Failure Types
  • Improving Balance Quality
  • Typical Machinery Errors
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