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Target Participants

  • Craft personnel and operators


Our customers have questions as to the skill levels of their employees.  Typically, they seek a better understanding to guide them in the formulation of an Essential skills training plan.


The Essential Craft Skills Assessment process provides valuable insight into the essential craft skill levels needed to perform the precision work necessary to increase asset reliably; and strategic workforce issues (due to retirement, new hires, etc.) now facing most organizations.

The Essential Craft Skills Assessment is an accurate indicator of the organization’s ability to effectively achieve reliable manufacturing.  Armed with accurate skill levels, and an effective skills improvement plan, craft personnel and operators can learn the necessary skills to capture emerging market opportunities and add profitable results… a competitive advantage.

Processes Covered

  • Initiate Assessment Process
  • Upload individual employee names
  • RS furnish sign-in details
  • Students take online assessments within 2 hour timeframe
  • Upon completion employees submits finalized assessment to RS
  • RS compiles results and provide a final report out to client to include scores for each craft category assessed, total score for each employee, recommended training start, and customized training roadmap and plan.
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