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iMprove Organizations for Reliability

Introduction to Reliable Manufacturing

This session is an opportunity to accelerate “reliability” work. We begin each subject with a look at what the “best–in-class” performers do today, how they view and cause work to move forward, measurement tactics that provide a “scorecard” review of success and just how “skill set” work is incorporated at the floor.

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Manufacturing Reliability BootCamp

This boot camp provides an introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®, along with some practical application techniques that can be utilized and applied immediately upon return to the plant. The numerous hands-on activities in the class expose students to the practical, hard skills needed to apply Reliable Manufacturing® techniques.

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Essential Reliable Manufacturing® Skills & RMIC® Certification

The Essential Reliable Manufacturing® series equips those in a leadership position with the practical knowledge and know-how to effectively communicate with the many technical people involved in successful reliable manufacturing programs. The 10-course series also gives candidates the tools needed to clearly demonstrate the value of Reliable Manufacturing® to an organization.

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