Direct contact ultrasonic testing is a very valuable tool to measure noise output in decibels to determine bearing performance and establish history for future reference. Airborne non-contact ultrasonic testing can be used in multiple areas such as high voltage equipment to detect arcing, tracking and corona discharge. It is also very useful for leak detection in valves, vacuum systems, steam traps, vessels, heat exchangers, gaskets and seals as well as duct work and compressed air systems.

A simple program of leak inspection and repair can go a long way towards reducing excessive energy cost. Here is an example of the cost associated with air leaks: If you are operating your air system at 100 PSIG at $0.22/MCF for 8760 hours per year, a ¼” leak is costing you approximately $11,904.00 per year. How many of these do you have?

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Reliability Solutions Maintenance has the capability to perform inspections on one piece of equipment or set up inspections for an entire facility. We employ both direct contact and airborne ultrasonic testing to test for air leaks and other. Our analysts will perform this ultrasonic survey and compile a detailed report of problem areas.

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