In the effort to improve reliability the focus is typically on the assets presently being operated. Management is continuously trying to determine how and what we need to do to maintain our assets. We look at Failure modes and effects, determine criticality, develop asset strategies, perform countless hours of condition monitoring, and so on and so forth. One component in all of this that is typically not even considered is; when we have a failure is our spare going to be reliable? Have we done a good job maintaining our spares? In most cases the answer is no.

Your spare equipment is not as important as the equipment running, UNTIL YOU NEED IT. Think about this for just a moment. Does maintaining your spares make sense? We have been performing these type inspections for over ten years and typically 20% of the capital spares we have inspected are already in a failed state. Is this the kind of reliability you are expecting?

How We Do It

Our process consists of video scoping the internals of your spares yearly, filling with oil and a preservative, and performing rotations on at least a quarterly basis. We then provide a detailed report of every unit inspected with photo’s so you can actually see the condition of your spares. The peace of mind and reduced down time because your spares will be ready to run is a very important part in the journey to Reliable Manufacturing.

We can also perform an audit of your stores area and make recommendations to improve the way you are storing and handling other parts to maximize their life such as bearings, belts, shafts, electrical components and others.

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Let us perform a sampling of your spares so you can make an informed decision about how you need to manage your spare assets.

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