Vibration analysis is a key component in condition monitoring to understand change and to detect and define problems to give you the time needed to correctly plan and execute repairs. Setting up your vibration data base to capture the correct information along with alarms and good reporting are requirements to having a good program. Analyst must be able to evaluate the data and determine what is causing the problem. Without these elements and implementing, and sustaining them correctly, you are wasting valuable resources and profit dollars. Did you know that unplanned repairs typically cost you three times the amount of a planned job? How many failures are you having that you had no prior warning? What are unidentified emergencies actually costing you?

How We Do It

Our vibration analyst is certified ISO Level III and has years of experience analyzing and identifying vibration problems. We can perform analysis on a single piece of equipment, set up a program for your entire facility, or work with you on any level to assist you in building the vibration program you want and need.

Success Stories


We were asked to assist one of our customers at a very large paper mill with a reoccurring gear failure in one of their dryer sections. Upon arrival our technician performed a brief survey of the running machine; he reviewed the customer collected data, and discovered a loose gear in the section that the customer was not capturing during their routine data collection. The vibration from the loose gear was causing the failing gear to resonate at critical amplitudes. A bump test was performed on a new gear to verify findings. Repairs were made based on our technicians recommendations and the problem was corrected. The combination of several troubleshooting techniques, a comprehensive approach, and a database review saved this customer countless more hours of downtime and profit dollars.


We were asked to assist one of our customers at a large ship building facility with vibration issues onboard a new vessel to be commissioned and sold. Upon arrival our technician met with another PDM contractor who had been trying to diagnose the problem. Our technician performed a full run cycle of the machines in question and began analysis on data collected. After review of the data our technician recommended that the machines lacked structural support and recommended that supports be added in certain locations. Once these supports were added the vibration levels dropped considerably and into acceptable levels. With these repairs in place the ship is now seaworthy and serving as one of the most advanced cargo supply vessels on the planet.

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Our certified vibration analyst can help you build a program to keep your machines safe and reliable, and save you countless profit dollars in emergency repairs.

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