Providing Hands-on Reliability training since 2003

Headquartered near Pensacola Florida, Reliability Solutions LP has been in operation since 2003. Reliability Solutions, provides hands-on hard skills training to meet all Reliable Manufacturing® needs of our partner organizations. Personnel are trained utilizing a standardized curriculum. Principles, strategies, tactics and skills taught are integrated within the Reliable Manufacturing® processes, systems, roles and responsibilities.

We take a holistic approach aimed at creating the Reliable and Predictable Plant in all we do.

We also place strategic emphasis on mentoring, coaching, and can physically perform the work we teach in support of our partner organizations. RS offers unique course offerings with statistically correct, field learned and applied “Best-In-Class” experiences. Added to these experiences are the real dynamic working demonstrators and systems that replicate machinery and process errors all within an incremental and sequential skills improvement process. These patented hands-on demonstrators are carefully designed and developed by RS; further making Reliability Solutions unique in the way they conduct their training curriculum.

We create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for immediate post-learning field application.

Real-world applications are brought into the classroom with specially designed activities, and in this manner they positively affect training outcomes, skill set knowledge, reinforce learning retention and significantly alter culture and behaviors. Each offering is reviewed and improved by specialized instructors who passionately promote their field work. Simply stated, there are no other standardized and series of integrated courses of these types, applying essential precision techniques, with measured positive results anywhere else in the world.

The Four Pillars of Reliability

Our courses are assembled in four major pillars, and the essential skills courses within each pillar are expertly formulated to teach a cross-section of roles including leadership, maintenance and operations while following RS strict training guidelines.

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Courses sequenced in a “best practice” approach

Presenting Reliable Manufacturing® courses this way allows craft and operators to successfully apply each new skill set, observe performance changes in the equipment and then transition to the next course in the series. In this way, site teams can more effectively learn the same curriculum, speak the same “reliability language” and focus achievement of the same common goal; to make significant performance improvements and report results directly related to the training strategy. RS instructors have many decades of experience in these methods and participate in regimented training, preparation and qualification before they teach their subjects. This performance system follows a unique set of developmental guiding principles for training and delivery.

What Students Get with RS

Students will see the value and the investment that the company is making.

Essential principles and skills training provides the excitement of discovery.

Exercises are real-world and immediately field applicable.

Equipment performance changes are demonstrated and proven in the class.

Personnel will leave the class with the correct experiences.

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Reliability Solutions Maintenance

We don’t just train Reliability, we also practice what we teach and maintain it. Take a look at our maintenance services today to see how we can help you.

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