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Target Participants

The seminar is aimed towards participants with an instrument and/or electrical craft background but production operators and engineers will find the seminar valuable and first line supervision is encouraged to attend to demonstrate advocacy and understanding for renewed essentials.


Craft Personnel are expected to have a set of basic skills or completed I&E Core Proficiencies.


5 days of formal training for 15 participants.  Recommended class make-up is 10 crafts personnel and 5 from the other mentioned roles.


A major source of process reliability problems in industrial plants is the instrumentation and control system. When we study reliability issues in these systems we find that the majority of problems originate in the field installed equipment such as sensors, transmitters, positioners and valves.


This session, building on the previous, provides attendees with the practical knowledge needed to install and maintain instrumentation and control systems. In this hands-on skills class, students learn the principles of reliability and how equipment fails. Attendees also learn the principles of operation of, common failures and their prevention of a wide variety of eld instruments including pressure, temperature, level, ow and analytical sensors and transmitters. Output devices such as valves and positioners are also discussed. A significant portion of this class is spent performing practical, hands-on, activities around installation, calibration, and troubleshooting of these devices using our custom simulators and models. Analogue, digital and“smart”systems are discussed and practiced. Application of these learned techniques increases field skill levels,builds personal confidence and develops pride in applied work.

Processes Covered

  • Introduction to Reliability
  • Test Equipment
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Flow Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Level Measurement
  • Analytical Measurement
  • Output Devices
  • Introduction to Process Variability
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