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2 full days


This 2-Day applying the “Essential Craft Skills” with “pre and post class work” session’s time is devoted to explaining, understanding and answering questions with; a quick overview of subjects taught and a peak at the demonstrators and materials used in the class. This presentation includes a review of responsibilities and accountabilities for everyone involved, how we begin to find the right assets to work on and what is the documentation that has been historically used by the “Best-in-Class” performers of this work. We also cover what tools are required for implementation and finally, how in the world do we get this done. The session includes handouts for review, modification and acceptance by you of what have been the outcomes, KPI’s, and timelines used by others with successful strategies to consider as you move forward. Finally, an opportunity to take a close look at how the essential craft skills class prepares technicians for future developmental work on “enhanced” skills sessions is discussed.

Processes Covered

  • Plant Tour
  • Individual interviews with area leaders
  • Understanding of Expectations
  • Understanding the Opportunities
  • Creating the Strategy
  • Applying the Work
  • Developing Tactics

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