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Target Participants

All related mechanical craft technicians, first and second line supervision, planners, schedulers, maintenance work teams, operations/maintenance/material coordinators, selected senior operators, and small project and large project managers.


Craft personnel are expected to have previously successfully attended and field applied techniques taught and discussed in Essential Craft Skills 1.


The session is five full days for up to 15 participants.


Building on the lessons learned in ECS Assembly and Installation, ECS Bearings and Lubrication provides participants with an analytical, application based approach for maintenance activities.  This seminar focuses on the complete spectrum of reducing component failures; (finding, recognizing, removal and prevention) that are responsible for limiting operational reliability and profitability in the manufacturing environment.  This session allows participants to discover that significant equipment failure may have nothing to do with a precise alignment or balance and then provides them the hands-on field techniques to alter and reduce these types of failures.


This session focuses on specific issues that surround the practices and components that commonly fail, i.e. bearings, lubrication, power transmission and sealing systems.  The class includes learning the proper manner to disassemble failed machines to effectively and efficiently document failure symptoms and then use those symptoms to assist in determining the failure root causes.  Fit charts in-class interpretation exercise identify bearing failure resources with a working practical knowledge of; application, identification, removal and installation techniques.  Focus continues on the application of proven lubrication best practice skills including; selection, properties, types, housing, delivery systems.  Session correction emphasis is then placed on the smaller “balance of plant” machines that represent the majority of the total facility asset base.  The power transmission section introduces correct selection, installation, inspection and lubrication of common couplings.  We finish with an introduction to various shaft sealing systems to better recognize and field correct typical failure modes.  Key elements of this seminar include immediately applicable knowledge, with “hands-on, performance based dynamic” class exercises.  Classroom system “performance” measurements provide technicians immediate feedback on application results and the value of applied techniques.  These hands-on-exercises comprise approximately 50% of the class.

Processes Covered

  • Improvement by Precision
  • Machinery Inspection Techniques
  • Determining Failure Though Inspection
  • Rolling Element Bearings
  • Lubrication & Lubricant Maintenance
  • Power Transmission Devices
  • Packing & Mechanical Seals
  • Shaft Sealing Systems
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