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iMprove Operator Care

Essential Operator Care Assessment

The objective for the assessment is to determine the skill level of your operators as applied to asset care for the purpose of identifying the application, skills and knowledge gaps and to provide justification for training opportunities. This will then enable us to formulate an individual and site training plan focused on meeting your improvement objectives.

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Implementation Workshop

The Essential Asset Care series starts with the EAC Implementation Workshop and Pre-Work specific to each plant. Then, the Phase 1 courses address asset operation and troubleshooting, Phase 2 addresses equipment inspections, Phase 3 addresses minor equipment adjustments, and Phase 4 addresses front line failure analysis and logical thinking.

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Reliability & Inspection Fundamentals

This course introduces an understanding that the historical operation of run-to-failure and intrusive equipment disassembly may cause more harm than good. Participants will understand their roles in improving reliable asset operation and know the importance and difference between “age related” and “random” failures and be prepared to correctly identify and manage both.

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Effective Reliability Rounds

This course introduces attendees to a scientific and experience based approach to building effective asset “Reliability” condition care rounds, using the Asset Strategy Development (ASD) process, which helps to identify past and likely future or repetitive failures, how to discren between age-related and random failures, and how to manage proper condition monitoring.

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