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Target Participants

This series course is aimed towards participants with a Mechanical Craft background.  Engineers and first line supervision will find the seminar valuable and are encouraged to attend to demonstrate advocacy and increase their understanding for renewed essentials.  First line maintenance/production supervision and engineers are encouraged to assist with field assignments and application sustainability.


Participants are encouraged to have completed “Essential Craft Skills … Machinery Assembly and Installation” and have a mechanical craft background.


5 days of formal training for 15 participants.  Recommended class make-up is 10 crafts personnel and 5 from the other mentioned roles


Manufacturing reliability, production quality/quantity and maintenance cost are greatly affected by centrifugal pump performance.  Today’s “remove and replace” mentality has left little room for correct identification and elimination of design, process, and maintenance errors.  This class focuses on error detection and prevention with best-in-class techniques to improve “Reliable Manufacturing®”.


This class uses a dynamic process approach to recognize and significantly reduce common pump and sealing problems/failures.  This allows attendees to recognize, explain and describe; different pump types with operational differences for correct utilization.  Attendees determine and demonstrate hands on performance activities, best efficiency point (BEP) with considerations for; specific gravity, pressure, head determination, flow and flow restrictions.  Participants understand and describe operational issues and component damage caused by vaporization, air entrainment, turbulent flow, recirculation, vane pass, double pumping, piping configuration, impeller system modifications, common maintenance impeller system modifications, common maintenance practice errors and their effects/influence on pump performance and reliability.  The class discusses and proves how to measure, determine, demonstrate and correct the effects of; system errors, incorrect valves, fittings/piping within a dynamic system.  Various packing types, arrangements, calculations, ring number, length and cuts are covered.  Students install, correctly tension, and dynamically measure packing/seal application results.  Classroom hands-on exercises comprise approximately 50% of the class.

Processes Covered

  • Introduction to Pumps and Systems
  • Fluid Properties
  • Troubleshooting Incorrect Pump/System Design
  • Machine Frames/Bases
  • Compression Packing Installation & Analysis
  • Field Observation & Documentation
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