Due to reduced man-power in most mills a lot of the programs that we use to take for granted in maintaining our equipment are not getting done. One in particular is your machine couplings. Poorly maintained couplings can do serious damage to your machines, and inspecting your couplings could point out issues well before they become a major problem. Reliability Solutions Maintenance can provide assistance in setting up your coupling inspections program, inspecting your couplings, and tracking couplings that are due to be inspected. We can provide this service on a single coupling or the entire plant and totally manage or provide any level of assistance you need to be successful. How are you maintaining your couplings?

How We Do It

Our process includes disassembly of the couplings, cleaning and documenting the current condition. If a problem is found, we notify our contact person immediately. We hand pack the coupling with your grease of choice, replace all gaskets and seals, torque all bolts to the specified torque, and orientate the keys to the correct location. Each coupling is documented in a detailed report of the as-found and as-left condition with bolt torque and recommendations if problems were noted.

Success Stories

Here are a few comments from our customers:

“Your crew leaves their work areas cleaner than they found them”

“Your guys torque every bolt, that’s great!”

“Your crew is very professional and does a great job!”

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