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Target Participants

Operators, Operations Crew Leaders, Maintenance/Operations coordinators, and selected Maintenance Employees (Technicians, Planners, Schedulers, Material Coordinators, and Maintenance Crew Leaders.




Multiple two day training modules are tuned to the facility and area types.


The first step in developing a production workforce that owns the reliability of the equipment they operate is to ensure they understand the equipment as to: function, functional failure, failure modes, how machine components work together and the best possible means to trouble-shoot them before product quality or schedules are interrupted.  This course introduces an understanding that the historical operation of run-to-failure and intrusive equipment disassembly may cause more harm than good.


Session participants will understand their roles in improving reliable asset operation. Attendees will know the importance and difference between “age related” and “random” failures and be prepared to correctly identify and manage both. They will be ready to apply and demonstrate specific ac motor and centrifugal pump equipment inspection techniques. These techniques include audible, tactile and visual inspection along with the use of client-identified inspection instruments to quantify and trend these values. Typical instruments may include; spot radiometer, strobe-a-scopes, peak vibration meters, ultrasonic listening devises and infrared imaging technology. Operators will demonstrate a clear understanding of “why” the asset failed and how can the breakdown be avoided in the first place. Attendees learn the importance of bearing, seal, lubrication failure and the degradation of overall machine life. Attendees are expected to return to the workforce and “immediately” utilize taught inspection techniques and begin to enhance production performance while reducing failures related to these problems.

Processes Covered

  • Introduction to Reliable Manufacturing®

  • What is Reliability of Process and Reliability

  • How do Machines Fail…The 6 Failure Components

  • Machine Failure Sources

  • Inspection Techniques

  • Introduction to AC Motor Operation

  • Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps

  • Troubleshooting Principles & Techniques

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