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Preface for essential operator care assesment


The objective for the assessment is to determine the skill level of your operators as applied to asset care for the purpose of identifying the application, skills and knowledge gaps and to provide justification for training opportunities.  This will then enable us to formulate an individual and site training plan focused on meeting your improvement objectives.

The Essential Asset Care… Knowledge Assessment process provides valuable insight into the essential asset care knowledge and skill levels needed to trouble shoot, perform effective inspection rounds, service & adjust and to understand how systems fail.  Today’s operator must be savvier in order to significantly contribute to reliable manufacturing.

The Essential Asset Care… Knowledge Assessment is an accurate indicator of the organization’s ability to effectively achieve reliable manufacturing.  Armed with accurate knowledge, skill levels, and an effective EAC improvement plan, operators can learn the necessary skills that will enable the organization to capture emerging market opportunities and add profitable results… a competitive advantage.

The Essential Asset Care Skills … Assessment aligns each operator with plant goals…so that the essential asset care skills are taught and applied to reduce manufacturing costs, increase equipment reliability and achieve Reliable Manufacturing.

Processes Covered

  • Asset Strategy

  • Belt and chain drives

  • Hydraulics

  • Inspection knowledge

  • Lubrication

  • Motors

  • Pneumatics

  • Pumps

  • Reliability Knowledge

  • Valves

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