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4 1/2 days of formal training


University of Tennessee, Knoxville Campus
The Learning Lab, Estabrook Building
Knoxville, TN

  • Food and drinks will be provided during breaks and for lunch each day of training.

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Hilton Knoxville
501 West Church Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37902
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Crowne Plaza Hotel Knoxville
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Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown
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Other Hotels Available:

  •  Clarion Inn Knoxville
  •  Red Roof Inn Knoxville
  •  Four Points Knoxville
  •  Holiday Inn Express
  •  Days Inn Knoxville North
  •  Knoxville Marriott

Target Participants

ERMS has been carefully designed for anyone who has a role in reliability including:

  • Production and Maintenance leaders, supervisors, engineers, and lead hands
  • Reliability leaders, managers and engineers



Upon successful completion of this seminar, session participants will be able to detect early pump system failure symptoms, reduce premature failures, and improve pump performance and system life using learned inspection skills. Candidates will learn the effects that piping size and design have on system performance, asset life and the reliability of facility pump systems. Participants will understand the five types of “cavitation”, where they come from and how to eliminate them.


Candidates will be able to recognize and determine whether pump faults and/or failures are related to pump selection, incorrect assembly/installation or operational system requirements. They will understand the correct sequence to correctly disassemble, assemble and field install centrifugal pumps utilizing correct precision practices and tools. Attendees will learn about the different types of mechanical seals and seal flush plans and where each can best be utilized to maximize equipment life. Candidates will return to the facility with the ability to correctly identify, inspect and troubleshoot and suggest field corrections to resolve specific pipe and pump design problems, improve pump performance, and extend system life.

Processes Covered

Subjects include but not limited to:

  • Introduction to Pumps and Systems
  • Reliability Overview, sources of machinery failures
  • Types, principles & operation of pumps
  • Pump construction & inspection techniques
    • Fluid Properties     
  • Pump & system performance curves
  • How operation affects pump reliability
  • Flow induced failures
  • Pump startup procedures
  • Double pumping
    • Recognizing Incorrect Pump / System Design
  • Pump troubleshooting, disassembly, inspection, assembly, design problems & piping losses​: Machine Frames/Bases
  • Thermal growth
  • Piping supports
  • Jacking bolts
  • Grouting precautions
    • Compression Packing
  • Types, removal and installation of braided compression packing
  • Calculating packing size, amount, and ring length
  • General packing instructions & adjustment
  • Compression packing failure analysis
    • Mechanical Seals
  • Mechanical seal types & component parts
  • Mechanical seal operation & leak paths
  • Environmental  controls
  • Mechanical seal installation
  • Troubleshooting/ failure analysis
    • Seal failure categories and common causes

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