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Target Participants

The seminar is aimed towards analysis technicians, senior craft technicians/production operators and field/reliability engineers. Supervision is encouraged to attend to understand application essentials for reliability improvement work.


The seminar is 4.5 days in duration.


Many of today’s PdM programs miss the vital communication link that ties supervision, maintenance technicians, planners, and all levels of production together. Much of this poor communication stems from a lack of understanding of the analysis language, technology capabilities and the coordination of technicians with production personnel to improve the performance of physical assets and manufacturing process. This class provides an understanding of electrical condition monitoring techniques that permit attendees to more effectively utilize and apply vital analysis information for day to day and long term reliability improvement efforts.


Session attendees will understand the operation and construction of various types of motor and transformer along with their common failure modes. They will also learn the foundational measurements needed to determine the electrical integrity of a circuit including voltage, current, resistance, impedance, inductance, and capacitance. The use of low voltage offline testing and online testing is explained, demonstrated and practiced. The class is enhanced with actual field case histories, team working exercises and the use of hands-on measurements on real motors. Participants will discuss and review various analysis methodologies and applications to more effectively use electrical condition monitoring measurements to assess motor and transformer health in preventive maintenance inspections and routines. Session attendees return to the facility ready to more effectively communicate with condition monitoring personnel and assist with: asset strategy development, machinery performance audits and a renewed determination to remove failure sources.

Processes Covered

  • Reliable Manufacturing Introduction

  • Fundamentals of Electricity and Distribution Systems

  • Basic Electricity

  • Ohm’s Law

  • 3 phase AC Supply

  • Magnetism

  • Electrical Distribution overview

  • Construction and Operation of Motors

  • AC

  • 3 phase induction

  • DC

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Transformers

  • IEEE 1415 Motor Testing Standard

  • Offline testing (Motor Circuit Analysis)

  • Megger

  • All test Pro

  • PDMA

  • Baker

  • Online Testing (Electrical Signature Analysis)

  • Partial Discharge

  • Low Resistance Testing (Ductor)

  • Infra-Red Applications and Limitations

  • Ultrasound

  • Transformer testing

  • Shop tests and Repairs (motors)

  • In-bound Motor Testing

  • Rewinding

  • Dip and Bake

  • Repair Specifications

  • Introduction to Instrumentation and control systems

  • Control Loops

  • Analogue vs Digital

  • Control Systems

  • Pressure Measurement and Control

  • Flow Measurement and Control

  • Level Measurement and Control

  • Temperature Measurement and Control

  • Position sensing

  • Magnetic

  • Optical

  • Infra-Red

  • Control Valves

  • Actuators

  • Positioners

  • Process variability

  • Introduction

  • Precision loop tuning

  • Principles

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