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At Reliability Solutions, we assist America to return jobs in returning “Field-Ready” and subject qualified technicians, operators and leaders to the industrial and manufacturing workforce in an exciting, cost efficient, production effective, energy conservative “Field-Applied” approach.

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How We Started

Reliability Solutions was founded in 2003 by Ian McKinnon and Tim Dortch to efficiently and effectively train America’s current and next generation of industry workers the old fashioned “Hands-On” way. This well respected industry duo combined their vast industry experience to develop, design and create unique, practical & dynamic real-world demonstrators that roll right into industry and the classrooms of America.

How We Succeed

The combination of our elements of success is explosive and incredibly effective, as is returns lost “student exploration” and “true discovery moments.” These discoveries immediately allow each student to take ownership in their findings… right in the classroom. We have three key elements that contribute to our stellar results.

Our powerful “Hands-On” approach provides participants with an immediate and real-world experience within a variety of essential subjects.

Our written curriculum rivals the nation’s finest technical college programs, but with a practical, “On-The-Floor” emphasis.

We search extensively, recruit, and train career veteran standouts within American industry to teach each of our many classes.

Who We Partner With

As our concept has grown nationally, our grass roots approach to classroom-based, hands-on, hard skills training has attracted leading industries to our thinking, and the results they have achieved are staggering. So impressive is our commitment and effort of “Hands-On” “Hard-Skills” training that the University of Tennessee’s College of Reliability Engineering has partnered with us to include our courses within their “Reliability Engineering Department”.

Today, with global clientele, our roots, direction and commitment haven’t budged. We are currently in negotiation with various American Technical Colleges to move forward with our unique “Hands-On” “Hard-Skills” training vision.

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  • Reliable Manufacturing®

  • Precision Maintenance®

  • Reliability Solutions, The Masters Of Essential Skills Training®

  • Reliability Solutions, The Leader Of Reliable Manufacturing®

  • Precision Maintenance Training Is The Key To Reliable Manufacturing®

  • Reliability Solutions Profitable Results®


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