Reliability Solutions is the global leader in Hands-On Hard Skills Training. Our instructors bring over 480 years of hands-on field experience in implementing our trademarked Reliable Manufacturing® training process.

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Reliability Solutions isn’t just a training company. We introduce behavior change, enhanced skills and knowledge, implementation and sustainability, and multiple steps towards a more focused change in reliability.

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Our training implementation Roadmap contains the strategic knowledge, principles and essential skills needed so that management, craftsmen, operators, engineers, and technicians can transition performance to an improvement-based, results driven Reliable Manufacturing® culture.

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Why Reliability Solutions?

Our Mission

We will assist clients in achieving Profitable Results® through excellence in Reliable Manufacturing®. 

  • We will work directly with our clients to optimize product quality/quantity, improve asset availability, reduce overall maintenance costs, conserve energy consumption, and improve safety performance.

  • We accomplish this with excellence in “Performance Training”, on site advising and inspection services.

Our Values

We will act with integrity and honesty in all that we do.

  • We research, develop, deliver and continuously improve our “Best-In-Class” value added products so that our clients are completely delighted.

  • We accomplish this work with high performance work teams who are specialists in their field of endeavors.

  • We will always demonstrate respect for others in all that we do.
  • We still believe that a handshake is our word.

  • We will always use excellent business principles to grow our company.

  • We strive to ensure that we are a great company to work with and to work for.


We do this work with honesty, humility, and in a spirit of improvement which causes us to move forward.

  • We come from and work on the manufacturing floor.

  • We know where we can and cannot make a difference.

  • We create processes and courses that matter, with practical applications, meaningful in-class demonstrations, and measurable performance returns results.

  • We listen to and work with our clients to “tune” our training offerings and this binds us together.

Our Services Get Substantial Results

The application of the essential skills learned in our hands-on hard-skills training are directly connected to the results our clients seek. Specifically, the curriculum is tuned to empower the industrial workforce to identify, manage and perform the vital improvement work necessary to transform “high-risk-of-failure” machines to a fleet of “precise-state” reliable machines that operate as intended. Our clients can attest to the results our maintenance reliability training provides. See what kind of results our renowned clients have witnessed:

Reduction in Yearly Hours Lost

In a single year, production losses due to assembly errors during repairs/outage start-up went from 240 hours lost time per year down to 60 hours per year. This was worth $1.8 million dollars. Machine speed increased from 2600 ft/min to 2750 ft/min as a result of precision balancing.

Reduction in Yearly Maintenance Costs

Plant maintenance costs were reduced by more than 30% in just two years. Lubrication costs were reduced by 7% in a single year. After two years of application bearing failures were reduced by more than 40%.

Reduction in Yearly Energy Costs

After two years of applying improvements using our Reliable Manufacturing Principles, this facility’s energy costs fell by 5.7%. For 287 machines placed in this precision state, a return of $431,000 was measured for this corporation.

Reduction in Overall Site Vibration

From February 2014 to April 2015 this site planned, scheduled and performed Precision Maintenance® on bad actors (machines operating but at risk of failure; > .25 IPS). 60 machines were placed in precise state (0.075 IPS) and 40 machines greatly improved. Out of 563 critical and essential machines these 100 reliable machines have reduced their overall site vibration by 10% and are directly impacting reduced downtime and increasing profitable results®. This site is on the journey to Reliable Manufacturing®.

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Alliances and Affiliates

Combine Work Processes and Skills to Achieve Better Reliability and Lower Cost. IDCON, Inc. helps you to organize and improve your work system enabling work to be executed in a much safer and more effective way. Reliability Solutions helps you improve your people’s skills towards a precision level resulting in longer equipment life and less repeat work. Together in an alliance we help you improve manufacturing reliability and lowering costs.
Reliability & Maintainability Implementation Certification (RMIC™)
Continue to develop your Professional career at the University of Tennessee with one of the few programs of its kind in the nation.  This program provides the basic foundation of R&M knowledge and offers the flexibility to include the specific training that you need.  The RMC has designed the program for working professionals and gives the most Hands-on and practical maintenance and reliability education.

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Let us partner with you to formulate a best practice Reliable Manufacturing® Roadmap whereby these combined applied skills deliver sustainable performance improvement.

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