The RS Team > Lamar Godwin


Credentials & Professional Development

  • Ernest Ward High School, Walnut Hill, FL, 1982
  • Extensive training:Supervisory, Quality, Production Equipment Operations, Safety, Safety Investigations, Customer Service
  • Reliability Solutions Training LLC classes completed:Essential Asset Care I, Machinery Assembly and Installation Precision Maintenance

Work History & training Engagements


  • Swift Lumber, Inc.
  • Koch Fertilizer
  • Olin Chemicals
  • International Paper/Champion International
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Many others asking for anonymity


Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Lamar Godwin demonstrated a natural talent for working with tools and equipment as a young man receiving training from seasoned experts on operations and repairing farm equipment. His first major career break came when he was offered a position at Champion International in a startup Converting Department where he quickly progressed to an Operator I. He concurrently served as a Production Coordinator with rotational assignments in maintenance, quality, production and safety where he learned the interdependence of these facets of operations. Lamar progressed into operating more complex pulp finishing equipment and he was also selected to assist in writing equipment operations and safety training manuals. He personally experienced the adverse impact of unscheduled downtime and equipment failures and developed an appreciation for the “Reliability Maintenance” principles and practices that were being implemented.

Lamar left the paper industry after 18 years for an opportunity to own and operate a Sears Authorized Retail Store, where he learned how manage P&L, customer service and employees. He joined Swift Lumber in 2007 to oversee the full lifecycle of the production process. He excelled in creating processes for challenging custom manufacturing and was reminded of the significant impact of “Reliability Maintenance” practices on equipment operations and manufacturing productivity.

In 2015, Lamar joined Reliability Solutions to share the “Asset Care” value proposition with equipment operators employed by domestic and international clients.

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Delivering hands-on and theoretical instruction for equipment operators that positions them as an initial point of detection for “Reliability Maintenance.”
  • Building skill level, awareness and motivation of equipment operators as integral members of the “Reliable Manufacturing” process and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Assisting employers in integrating the reliability philosophy into equipment operations and the production process to drive increases in quality, safety, uptime, productivity and equipment life with simultaneous reductions in operating overhead.