The RS Team > Kevin Winingar

VP of Maintenance

Credentials & Professional Development

  • BS, Engineering Technology / Building Science, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, 2006; cross-country running scholarship
  • Certified Vibration Analysis I & II; Certified Infrared Thermography l & II; Ultrasonic Leak Detection training
  • Reliability Solutions Training LLC Training Classes completed: Essential Reliable Manufacturing Skills Precision Maintenance Courses…Assembly and Installation, Component Failure Identify and Control
  • Asset Operation Troubleshooting & Inspection Techniques

Work History & training Engagements

  • Smurfit Stone
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Specialty Minerals
  • Cerex Fabrics
  • International Freight Liner
  • Ascend
  • Armstrong and Alabama River Cellulose

Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Kevin Winingar launched his career at Prevention Services, a predictive maintenance consulting company. He progressed from a field position to Project Manager for Paper Mill accounts, supervising a team of three employees in the diagnosis and analysis of clients’ heavy industrial equipment. He presented clients’ with comprehensive analyses on mission-critical equipment which enabled maintenance leadership to plan scheduled downtime for equipment maintenance. During his full-time employment, Kevin attended a Bachelor’s degree program in Engineering Technology / Building Science. His work served as a laboratory for testing and applying what he was learning in school.

Kevin identified vibration analysis and infrared thermography as two of his specialties and he earned Level 1 and Level 2 certifications in both fields with additional training in Ultrasonic Leak Detection. In 2007 Kevin joined the IVC predictive maintenance consulting organization and traveled nationwide working with clients in numerous industries including automotive, pulp & paper, manufacturing, chemical production, and food processing. The company recognized his advanced expertise and he was routinely called to solve the most complex diagnostic challenges. In 2008 he joined Reliability Solutions Maintenance LLC to lend his expertise for clients’ maintenance teams experiencing challenges in achieving a Precision state for industrial equipment.

In addition to his professional achievements, Kevin is a volunteer fire fighter and a member of the Escambia county K-9 Search & Rescue team.

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Leveraging “Precision Maintenance” and predictive services’ methodologies and principles to assist clients in reaping cost savings in equipment functioning, downtime, repair, and lifespan.
  • Troubleshooting complex, multi-faceted equipment performance issues and identifying areas for remediation.
  • Project managing the collection of field data to determine predictive maintenance needs of industrial equipment.
  • Performing vibration analysis, balancing, alignment, condition monitoring, and diagnostic non-destructive testing.