The RS Team > Judson West

Technical Consultant & Precision Skills Instructor

Credentials & Professional Development

  • Certified EPA HAZMAT, Technician level.
  • Extensive training over 30+ years on: Laser alignment, mechanical packaging, pumps, soot blower installation/maintenance, and manufacturer-specific industrial equipment, along with a 4-week supervisory training course.

Work History & training Engagements

  • Union Camp
  • International Paper
  • Champion International
  • Mead Westvaco
  • Georgia Pacific
  • Armstrong
  • Graphic Packaging
  • Eli Lily
  • Temple Inland
  • Many others asking for anonymity

Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Judson West worked in production for a very progressive manufacturing company for 6 months before commencing his 30+ year career in maintenance with a 4-year, multi-tiered Millwright apprentice program. After achieving the status of A Class Mechanic, management partnered him with new employees as they recognized his technical and training talents. Judson later served in a supervisory capacity for maintenance teams. Due to his experience as a volunteer firefighter trainer, he taught safety classes on fire rescue and chemical reactions and became a member of the Hazardous Emergency Action Team, HEAT.

The company culture encouraged and challenged employees to find ways to improve efficiency and Judson was selected in 2001 for a team charged with launching the “Precision Maintenance” initiative and process. When the company achieved a 50% reduction in electric motor replacements after implementing precision balancing and alignment, Judson was sold on the application of “Precision Maintenance” techniques. In 2005 he assisted in developing and delivering a training program on rolling element bearings for 200 employees in five mills that incorporated “Precision Maintenance” principles. Judson joined Reliability Solutions in 2006 to continue promoting best practices in “Precision Maintenance.”

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Serving as a Technical Consultant and Subject Matter Expert, SME, in developing skills of maintenance teams in laser alignments, thermal growth calculations, equipment installation, bearing removal/installation/lubrication, balancing, vibration, couplings, lubrication, bearing belt drive applications, and numerous other facets of industrial equipment.
  • Guiding executives and engineering teams in the value of implementing best practices.
  • Instructing mechanics, craftspeople, engineers, operators, supervisors and managers in all aspects of “Precision Maintenance” techniques, principles, and procedures.
  • Motivating employees to work to their full potential.
  • Supervising, planning, scheduling, and implementing maintenance programs.
  • Assisting clients in achieving maintenance cost reductions, energy savings, and increased profitability, along with enhanced ability to compete in the global marketplace.