The RS Team > Caleb Dortch

Maintenance Shop Operations Supervisor

Credentials & Professional Development

  • Approximately 1.5 years of general collegiate studies.
  • Seasoned industry professional on Capital Spare Preservation Program design and implementation.

Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Caleb Dortch launched his career working with heavy equipment for a contracting company operating excavators, bull dozers, and back hoes. In 2002 he joined McPherson Oil, one of the Southeast’s largest industrial lubricant distributors, as a Service Tech / Lube Oil Technician. He analyzed oil, cleaned reservoirs, operated oil dehydrators, and performed paper machine flushes. In 2003 he joined Reliability Solutions Maintenance LLC as a member of the maintenance team and was promoted to Supervisor. The cornerstone of this maintenance organization is creative problem solving coupled with unbridled enthusiasm for the benefits of “Precision Maintenance.” He leads a five-member team that builds, customizes, and maintains $1 million in equipment inventory that supports “Precision Maintenance” training classes. Additionally, Caleb manages the logistical challenges of the on-time delivery of equipment and supplies to both domestic and international locations.

Caleb is known by many Reliability Solutions clients for his expertise in Capital Spare Preservation programs and video scoping services. Having been mentored by industry experts, he is a champion for the benefits of Capital Spare Preservation programs which increase efficiency and provide cost savings in both parts and inventory taxes. The video scoping he provides enables manufacturing planners to schedule major outages and minimize equipment downtime.

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Building Capital Spare Preservation programs that assist client companies in rotating and managing spare part stock while maintaining an appropriate inventory of only functional components.
  • Providing coupling inspections and video scope services on industrial equipment to analyze equipment state from the inside out.
  • Implementing “Precision Maintenance” practices onsite at customers’ premises that assist clients in the post-training practical application process.
  • Overseeing maintenance shop operations and ensuring that all training demonstration equipment is fully functional and Performing precision alignments, balancing, thermography, ultrasonic inspections, and paper machine flushes.