The RS Team > Bob Stewart

Training Coordinator & Precision Skills Instructor

Credentials & Professional Development

  • Trained hundreds of mechanics, craftspeople, engineers, operators, frontline supervisors and managers in precision maintenance principles and techniques. In addition he has assisted in training dozens of craft technicians in becoming facility instructors.
  • An AS in Welding Technolgy
  • Certified Boiler tube welder • Certified Lift truck instructor
  • Supervised several turbine overhauls
  • Trained apprentices for the community college in mechanical and pumps and alignment.
  • Rebuilt, repaired, installed, aligned, troubleshot and maintained pump systems and other industrial equipment.
  • Evaluated and researched training materials, programs, course content and instructors. Other responsibilities included training records, creating and managing training budgets, tracking precision maintenance work, records, immediate improvements, machinery life cycle improvements and ROI assessments.

Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Bob Stewart has worked in the maintenance field for about 30 years. Serving a 4 year Florida State Approved apprentice in 1983, he has worked in most aspects of maintenance throughout his career, from being a mechanic in the field, to being a certified pipe welder, industrial pump instructor, Planner, set up forman, precision skills instructor to training coordinator. For the past several years Bob’s expertise has been successfully applied in the field as a Precision Skills Instructor, prior to that as a mechanic, in the classroom as a developer and instructor and in the front office coordinating and assessing training needs for a major corporation.

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Applying and training others on application of precision maintenance techniques.
  • Training needs analysis and assessing student abilities and skill levels.
  • Coordinating and budgeting facility maintenance training programs
  • Development of training and lesson plans.
  • Alignment, laser and reverse dial, instruction and application.
  • Pump rebuild and installation, instruction and application.