The RS Team > Tim Dortch


Credentials & Professional Development

  • Certified Welder
  • Jefferson Davis Community College, AL; 1.5 years
  • Extensive training over 30+ years in: lubrication vibration analysis, RCM, predictive & preventative technologies, sales, marketing, training, and leadership
  • Membership in SMRP

Work History & training Engagements

  • Champion International
  • McPherson Oil
  • International Paper
  • Many others asking for anonymity

Summary of Qualifications / Career Overview

Tim Dortch is a founding principal of Reliability Solutions and one of the early “architects” of what is now recognized as the field of “Precision Maintenance®". Tim joined Champion International as a pipe fitter and welder where he later assisted in the development of the curriculum for the multi-craft, cross-training initiative for 130 Pensacola employees. The success of the program resulted in a promotion to the Supervisor of Preventive & Predictive Maintenance & Technology, a title that not only expanded beyond the border of a business card; it was virtually unheard of in the early 1980’s. Tim guided his team of 18 technicians and field mechanics in incorporating lubrication vibration analysis, predictive, and preventive principles into the maintenance operation achieving huge cost savings. As an Area Manager, Tim provided national oversight for the launch of these principles, technologies and training in multiple facilities. Concurrent with these successes, Tim began implementing a true process variability initiative for instrumentation and electrical control systems that saved $25 million in 2 years. These combined programs increased efficiency 5% in 12 locations, dramatically elevating the company’s industry status. Tim’s next role had a huge impact on his career. In 1997 he was promoted into a management role to integrate maintenance and operations and implement asset strategy development based on Reliability Centered Maintenance, RCM. After leaving the pulp & industry in 2000, he built a very successful service organization for an oil company. In 2003 his vision and understanding of industry needs led to the creation of Reliability Solutions and the expansion of “Precision Maintenance®" into Reliable Manufacturing®, the company’s trademarked, holistic approach incorporating design, engineering, purchasing, production, and maintenance.

Expertise & Client Contributions

  • Guiding clients in envisioning and realizing the benefits of Reliable Manufacturing® throughout the operation, along with increased ability to compete in a global economy.
  • Providing maintenance, operations and management teams with the hardcore skills to achieve success in their journey toward Reliable Manufacturing®.
  • Building a strategic partnership with clients and earning executive endorsement for the implementation of Reliable Manufacturing® and change management initiatives.
  • Designing Reliable Manufacturing® curriculum and hiring top industry talent to deliver classes for executives, management, supervisors, and technicians.